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TRI-CO Peace Week 2008
April 4th-11th, 2008


SC Monday-Friday 12:30pm-2:30pm (Shane Lounge)
Peace Week Clothing Drive
Building peace requires compassion and action. Make a difference by donating clothes to Northwestern Human Services.
Sponsored by Rotaract

Blue Bus = Special Blue Bus transportation to/from Swarthmore
Van = Regularly scheduled van run

Friday, April 4th

Swarthmore Kick-Off

SC 1:00 (LPAC)
TRI-CO Peace Week 2008 Kick-Off: An Official Collection Event
Dr. King and His Message 40 Years Later: A Swarthmore Alum Remembers
Reverend Ralph Roy worked with Dr. King in the 1960s and was twice arrested and jailed for his civil rights activity. Forty-years to the day of the Dr. King's    assassination, Reverend Roy shares his experiences.
Blue Bus HC to SC 11:50, SC to HC 3:20, BMC to SC 12:10, SC to BMC 2:05 Blue Bus

SC 5:00 (Upper Tarble)
African Dinner & Fashion Show
Sponsored by SASA, an event a part of Africa Week
VanHC to SC 4:05, BMC to SC 3:30 Van

SC 6:00 (Upper Tarble)
Celebrating Rwandan Culture: Vanga Inanga Dance Troupe
As we continue to remember the lives lost fourteen years ago in the Rwandan Genocide, Vanga Inanga is here to show us a new side of Rwanda. With their traditional songs and performance, you will experience a new and reborn Rwanda. One that is not solely about genocide but about the remarkable recovery that the country has made in the past decade. Come and celebrate with us the Rwanda of peace, security and reconciliation!! This high-energy cultural dance troup performed last year at the Peace Week Finale and we are thrilled to have them back again this year!
Van HC to SC 5:15, SC to HC 6:55, BMC to SC 4:55, SC to BMC 6:40 Van

SC 7:00 (Cunniff Hall-SCI 199)
The Laramie Project
This documentary explores the town of Laramie, Wyoming after the brutal murder of the queer University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard. It is a reminder of the homophobia and other prejudices in society that sometimes lead to violence. The presentation will be followed by a discussion of hate crimes and what we can do to prevent them. Refreshments will be served.
Sponsored by QSA

Friday, April 4th

Bi-Co Kick-Off

BMC 2:00-5:00 (Campus Center 330)
Puppet Workshop
Help make puppets which will be used as a tool for teach ins and protests in "Bryn Mawr's Sweat Free Campaign," a campaign to get Bryn Mawr College to sell sweatshop free apparel. No artistic experience is needed for this fun activity!
Sponsored by One World
Van SC to BMC 2:05, BMC to SC 4:55, HC to BMC 1:30,  BMC to HC 5:05 Van

HC 5:00   (The Peace Garden - outside of Chase Hall, Rain: CPGC Cafe)
Peace Pole Dedication
Come dedicate the tri-co's very first peace pole and garden!  We will have a short ceremony which will be followed by a peaceful music concert by artist Tom
Van BMC to HC 4:15, HC to BMC 6:20, SC to HC 4:40,  HC to SC 6:25 Van

HC 8:00 (Stokes Hall)
Ghandi, King, and the Kennedys - Now!
Brief lecture and discussion with Harris Wofford, a former MLK advisor, former President of Bryn Mawr College & former Pennsylvania Senator.
Van BMC to HC 7:45, HC to BMC 9:45 or 10:10 Van
Blue Bus SC to HC 6:55, HC to SC 9:25 or 11:25  Blue Bus


Saturday, April 5th - MUSIC!

Human Rights Film Festival (Science Center 101)
Each film will be followed by a discussion facilitated by members of the Swarthmore faculty.
Sponsored by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Programs in Black Studies, Latin American Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Office of the Provost.

10:00-12:00 Cocalero
A film about controversial Bolivian president Evo Morales and his rise to prominence.

1:00-2:45 Lumo
The story, seen through the eyes of a 20-year-old victim, of how soldiers, militias, armies, and bandits in Eastern Congo use rape as a weapon of terror.

3:15-5:15 Hot House
A documentary about the life of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Regular Peace Week Events

SC 2:00 (Parrish Beach, Rain: Parrish Steps)
Peace on the Beach!
Various musicians and speakers will perform on Parrish Beach for the enjoyment of the masses. The Peace Concert is an annual musical demonstration for peace.
Van BMC to SC 12:00, HC to SC 12:10, SC to HC/BMC 5:10  Van

SC 7:00  (LPAC)
Uniting for Peace: A Tri-Co Capella and Dance Jamboree!
Come to a peaceful celebration through music and dance featuring your favorite a capella and dance groups from the Tri-Co! Followed by a complete Rhythm N Motion performance! Performing groups include:
SC: Grapevine
HC:  The Humtones, Mainliners
BMC: Lavendar Blues, The Night Owls, Mayuri
with special guest Mental Notes (Johns Hopkins)
Bi-Co: Counterpoint
Tri-Co: Rhythm N Motion

Blue Bus BMC to SC 6:15, HC to SC 6:25, SC to HC/BMC 8:30 or 10:35 Blue Bus

Sunday, April 6th - ACTION!

HC 11:30-3:30 (Campus Center)
Take Action - 8TH Dimension Service Event
Come volunteer at Cobbs Creek on a service day sponsored by Eighth Dimension, Haverford's community service organization! A special restoration project involving Tree Rescue, Invasive Plant removal, and installation of Wood Trail Bridge. At the conclusion of the service event, the van will drop students off at the Walk for Peace at Bryn Mawr College. Please email 8dstaff@haverford.edu to reserve a spot.
Sponsored by Eighth Dimension

BMC 1:00 (Merion Green, Rain: Thomas Great Hall)
Walk For Peace!
Join in a short walk stopping at "action stations" along the way. Each action station will have a unique action component sponsored by different organizations from the tri-co community.
VanHC to BMC 12:45, BMC to HC 2:30 or 3:30 Van
Blue Bus SC to BMC 12:50,  BMC to SC 4:30 Blue Bus

SC 3:00 (Scheuer Room)
Darfur’s Culture: A Native’s Perspective
On the anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, learn about the culture of Darfur and enjoy a meal of delicious home-cooked Sudanese food!  Sahar Dinar, a fourteen-year-old native of Darfur and founder of the Children's Alert Project, will discuss Darfur's culture and her experiences.
Sponsored by STAND
Van BMC to SC 2:00, HC to SC 2:10, SC to HC/BMC 5:10 Van


SC 5:00 (Lodge 6)
Darfur Radio Project—Listening Party
Learn about this monthly radio broadcast that explores the historical, political, economical, and social contexts of the conflict in Darfur.
Sponsored by Darfur Radio Project
Van BMC to SC 4:30, HC to SC 4:40, SC to HC/BMC 7:50 Van

BMC 7:30  (Thomas 224)
PROMISES Film Screening & Discussion
A refreshing, human and sometimes humorous portrait of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The movie follows the amazing journey of Israeli-American B.Z. Goldberg as he travels to a Palestinian refugee camp, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, and Jerusalem exploring the nature of the physical, historical and emotional boundaries of a few children who dared to cross the lines to meet their neighbors.
sponsored by the Bi-Co JSU
Van C to BMC 5:10, HC to BMC 7:15 , BMC to HC/SC 9:. Van

Monday, April 7th - POLICY!

SC 4:15 (Science Center 101)
US-Iran Relations Panel
Congressman Joe Sestak, Dr. Philip H. Gordon, and Dr. Ray Takeyh will be     discussing the future of US-Iran relations, in light of the US presidential elections, the National Intelligence Estimate, and recent events in the Middle East.
Sponsored by the College Republicans & College Democrats
Blue Bus  MC to SC 3:30, HC to SC 4:05, SC to BMC 6:40, SC to HC 6:55 Blue Bus

SC 7:00 (Scheuer Room)
UNITY CAFÉ: The Philly & Chester Connection
Bullets and Bicycles: Challenges that youth face in high-risk urban communities
Participate in an insightful discussion with Nancy Diaz (South East Philadelphia Youth Collaborative) on the violence and risk surrounding youth in our neighboring communities of Chester and Philly. Then learn how to get involved in programs in these communities!
Sponsored by SAVE R US with support from SASS & ENLACE
Van MC to SC 6:05, HC to SC 6:25, SC to HC 9:55, HC to BMC 10:10 Van

SC 9:30-12:30 (Paces Café)
Free the Children Paces Takeover!
It takes a college to save a village. We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and ending the exploitation of children and women in Kenya. Come discuss the situation in Kenya, eat Kenyan food and contribute to our education, health care, and sanitation projects in a Maasai village in Kenya.

Tuesday, April 8th - FILMS!

HC 9:00-6:00 (Founder Green & Zubrow Commons)
AFSC Eyes Wide Open Across Pennsylvania Exhibit
The exhibit is a multimedia journey through the words and images of the Iraq war.  Move through a vivid memorial to Pennsylvanian troops and Iraqi civilians who have died in the Iraq war (consisting of pairs of military boots and civilian shoes) and discover how the war is costing us at home.

SC 4:30-6  (Cornell 104)
Empowering Our Selves for Peace – an Interactive Workshop!
To maximize the difference each of us can make, we need to increase our personal power.  Participate in this hands on workshop led by veteran trainer George Lakey, the Lang Visiting Professor for Issues in Social Change.
Van BMC to SC 3:30, HC to SC 4:05, SC to BMC 6:40, SC to HC 6:55  Van

BMC 7:00  (Thomas 110)
“Women in Black” Documentary screening and discussion
Ellie Bernstein, independent documentary filmmaker, will be screening footage and giving a talk on international peace movement "Women In Black."
Sponsored by SGA
Van SC to BMC 6:40, HC to BMC 6:50, BMC to HC 9:15, HC to SC 9:25 Van

SC 7:00 (Bond Memorial Hall)
Violence from an Emergency Room Doctor’s Perspective
Dr. Duane Dyson, the CEO of the Violence Prevention Institute will be talking about the violence (child abuse, gun shot wound victims) that he sees on a daily basis as a physician in urban emergency rooms. He will also discuss how the     violence inspired him to start an anti-violence organization dedicated to preventing violence through educational and interactive workshops.
Sponsored by SAVE R US
Van BMC to SC 6:05, HC to SC 6:25, SC to HC 9:55, HC to BMC 10:20 Van

SC 8:30 (Cornell 104)
Healing Justice: Are Prisons Obsolete?
Listen to the voices of the voiceless as Judith Trustone, Director of Sagewriters, shares her experiences and the stories of the writers behind bars as we explore the reality of prisons, the Constitutionally-mandated continuation of slavery in prisons, and an exploration of the core issues of the prison industrial complex and its effects on all of our lives.  Presentation to be followed by screening and discussion of the new documentary "Prison Life Stories."
Van BMC to SC 6:05, HC to SC 6:25, SC to HC 9:55, HC to BMC 10:20 Van

Wednesday, April 9th

SC 4:00 (Science Center 101)
Between Tears & Dreams: An Insiders Perspective
Listen to students present their personal stories of growing up in the Middle East. Hear stories of struggle as well as the less often heard  stories about culture and traditions.
Sponsored by Speak for Peace
Van BMC to SC 3:30, HC to SC 4:05, SC to BMC 5:30, SC to HC 5:50 Van

HC 7:00 (CPGC Café)
Nobel Peace Laureates for a Better World
Mary Ellen McNish, General Secretary of the American  Friends Service Committee, Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute, and Emily Higgs '08 will discuss their participation in the 8th World Nobel Peace Summit held in Rome, Italy in December 2007.  The Charter for a Nonviolent World, released by representatives at the Summit will be presented followed by a discussion.
Blue Bus  BMC to HC 6:35, SC to HC 6:25, HC to BMC 9:15, HC to SC 9:25 Blue Bus


Thursday, April 10th

SC 4:30 (LPAC)
Psychological Barriers to Conflict Resolution
Lee Ross, Co-Founder of the Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation, will discuss a very basic process that leads people who disagree to make negative inferences and attributions about each other, and to see hostile bias in the media. He will draw both upon empirical research and real world experiences at second track diplomacy and intergroup dialogue in Northern Ireland and the Middle East in a discussion of psychological barriers to conflict resolution and strategies for overcoming such barriers.
Sponsored by Peace & Conflict Studies
Van BMC to SC 3:30, HC to SC 4:05, SC to BMC 6:40, SC to HC 5:50 Van

SC 8:30 (Upper Tarble)
State Radio (Featuring Chetro of Dispatch) Benefit Concert for Peace
With an opening by Sometimes Charlie
Few bands are as outspoken and thought-provoking as State Radio, the musically inventive, socially and politically charged trio fronted by Chad Stokes (known as the voice behind the hugely successful independent band-Dispatch) With its sophomore album, Year Of The Crow, the group–rounded out by bassist Chuck Fay and drummer Mad Dog–matches its conscience-raising messages with an inspiring amalgam of rock, punk and reggae that is as distinctive as it is sublime. Come listen and rock out to State Radio and a local Tri-College band! Free for Tri-Co students with ID and $15 for general admission. Additionally, we suggest    donations of any amount because all profits go to the Peace Week charity: Mothers in Charge.
Blue Bus BMC to HC 7:45, HC to SC 7:55, SC to HC 11:10, HC to BMC 11:35 Blue Bus


Friday, April 11th - FINALE!

SC 4:00 (Bond Memorial Hall)
Peace Practice
Robert Chender-- War and peace start in the hearts and minds of individuals. True peace is unconditional, and does not depend on external  circumstances; to begin to experience that true peace, we can train our minds through meditation and contemplation practices.  These practices allow us to soften and open what is hard and closed in our hearts.  True peace starts when we have the courage to have a change of heart. Please register, email jchende1@swarthmore.edu
Van BMC to SC 3:30, HC to SC 2:35, SC to BMC 5:30, SC to HC 5:50 Van

SC 5:30 (Scott Amphitheatre – meet outside Parrish Hall)
Peace Pole Dedication
We started Peace Week with a peace pole dedication at Haverford and we are concluding with a peace pole dedication at Swarthmore, the second peace pole in the tri-co. The Swarthmore Peace Pole is being dedicated to symbolize a safe and peaceful community. The pairs of languages on the pole correspond to cultures (from all continents) with historical conflicts and our hopes of peace for them in the future. Get involved by writing your own peaceful message which can be planted with the Peace Pole!
Sponsored by SAVE R US
Van BMC to SC 4:55, HC to SC 4:05, SC to BMC 6:40, SC to HC 6:55 Van

SC 10:00 (Olde Club & Paces)
60s Peace Party - The Peace Week Finale!
Come celebrate the end of TRI-CO Peace Week and plan to celebrate peace – 60s style!
Blue Bus BMC to HC 10:30, HC to SC 10:40, SC to HC 1:30 or 2:30 Blue Bus