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School-wide Projects
  • Provide youth with the opportunity to create a quilt with each school/class focusing on a specific Peace Week related theme. For more information on this project, please contact Blanche Speiser at Buckingham Elementary School at 267-893-0158, or The Peace Center at 215-750-7220.

  • Request that schools put on a snippet of their spring play for an evening. These skits may be used as a fundraiser for a peaceful cause.

  • Encourage students to write a brief play that focuses on one of the 5 themes for Peace Week 2006: Promoting respect and tolerance, managing anger, resolving conflicts peacefully, supporting safety, and uniting in action.

  • Conduct assemblies on any of the 5 themes of Peace Week 2006: Promoting respect and tolerance, managing anger, resolving conflicts peacefully, supporting safety, and uniting in action. For more information on the 5 themes, visit www.ViolencePreventionWeek.org.

  • Invite Peace Center trainers to do fun activities that focus on emotional awareness, anger management, diversity awareness, communication and conflict resolution. Please contact The Peace Center at 215-750-7220.

  • Create a peace graffiti wall. Line a brick wall with brown or white paper. Add brick lines and then request that students, teachers, and parents write a peaceful message in each brick.

  • Present "Rainbow Day", a program that is a simulation of discrimination, prejudice, and segregation. Youths are told to wear a certain color shirt and only communicate with other students wearing the same color shirt. After the simulation the students watch a film called "Rainbow War". For more information about this program contact Jason Bucher at Holicong Middle School at 267-893-2700.

  • Hold tolerance themed poetry, posters, and door decorating contests throughout the school. Be creative!

  • Support school and classroom efforts to find kindness in the newspaper. Discuss the lack of articles on acts of kindness. Create a collage of pictures and words demonstrating a safe environment.

  • Create your own Peace Paper, newsletter, or article on local/school acts of kindness.

  • Hold a non-violence book fair. Ask the librarian to collect and display books and other print and non-print materials related to non-violence. This can include novels, picture books, recordings, videos, non-fiction books, and periodicals. This can be tied into past, present, and future peacemakers theme.

  • Allow older students to read stories with non-violent messages to the younger students.

  • For younger students, create a Thoughtful Deed Tree. Each time a student completes a considerate action or task, fill out a leaf with the student's name and act of kindness and add it to the tree.

  • Incorporate class and school-wide anti-bullying pledges and/or programs. For more information call the Bucks County Intermediate Unit at 215-348-2940.

  • Support anger awareness programs by helping students to identify and practice constructive ways to express anger. For more information please contact The Peace Center at 215-750-7220.

  • Develop a Violence Prevention Program for your school. Have staff and students develop a plan for dealing with school violence. Decide procedures for intervening in violent situations, and plan for ways to prevent violence from recurring by implementing conflict resolution, anger awareness, and cultural diversity programs. For more information about the National Crime Prevention Counsel Tool Kit, contact CBHCT or go to the National Crime Prevention Counsel web site: www.ncpc.org/besafe

  • Support students' efforts to produce quotes that focus on diversity, tolerance, and respect for self and others every day of Peace Week. These can be read on school announcements or posted daily throughout the week.

  • Have elementary schools create a peace maze. The peace maze is a maze the quarreling students go through to resolve their disagreements. For more information contact Linden Elementary School at 267-893-4400 or Kutz Elementary School at 267-893-3900. Both schools created peace mazes last year.