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Family based Projects
  • Offer parenting seminars on topics such as anger management and conflict resolution, promoting peaceful sibling relationships, the importance of respecting diversity, etc. For potential speakers/facilitators Contact The Peace Center at 215-750-7220.

  • Encourage families to sign the Family Pledge of Non-Violence. The pledge encourages respect and good communication skills in families. Visit www.ipj-ppj.org/pledge.html to print out the pledge.

  • Provide the opportunity for students and parents to fill out a contract to turn off any violent television program and work together on something peaceful. Post the contracts in schools. For more information about this program, please go to www.turnofftheviolence.org.

  • The above-mentioned activity can be taken a step further for older students. Have them keep track of violence on TV. Which shows are the most violent? Which station airs the most violent programming? Have students write complimentary letters to the stations that air the least violent programming and letters of protest to stations the air the most violent programs.